Drone filming with Gloucester Police Force for Police After Dark

We were recently asked by Crackit Productions to film Aerial Drone shots for their new series Police After Dark down in Gloucestershire.

Their new series for channel 5 follows the Police Officers of Gloucester and Cheltenham Police forces during the night shift as they tackle UK crime around the time of day most of us never see.

Our brief was simple to achieve but obviously filming Aerial sequences at night has its own limitations and risks and this meant that we had to ensure public safety was a priority on all 3 of the locations we were to film at between Gloucester & Cheltenham and a short time to complete.

We used our DJI Inspire 2 with a Zenmuse X5s camera system and 15mm, 24mm & 45mm MFT Lens on the night and bringing the Directors vision into focus so to speak. Filming with a Drone at night in winter has severe power limitations on Inspire batteries as the cold can effect their usage and time in the air. We ended up using all16 batteries over the course of the night with each pair of TB50’s lasting only around 15 to 18 minutes in the air.

The new series of Police After Dark from Crackit Productions will be aired soon.

Gloucester Police HQ

A & E After Dark on Channel 5


Here is a recent promo from Crackit Productions on series 2 of A & E After Dark. The series follows the staff and patients during the night shift at Hull Royal Infirmary during 2021. 

We were approached by Crackit to film aerial drone sequences for the series which would enhance the series and put a pin on the map where Hull and the hospital was.

Crackit Productions were very happy with our Aerial Filming at the hospital and the series can be seen now on My5.