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We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our clients. That means taking care of all the worries that organizing Aerial Filming, Drone Filming Service & Photography entails such as location permissions, risk assessments, and legal Insurance. We take care of all that and leave our clients to focus on their creative productions.

Airbear Video is a Drone Filming Service and Photography service in Yorkshire specifically focused on Television and Film production.

We are a small team of creators who have worked in Television and Film for more than 20 years with a passion for Aerial Cinematography and we


wanted to bring that same level of professionalism and expertise in production to Aerial Drone services.

All our pilots and Camera Operators work in Television Production and know how to get a variety of shots and sequences for the edit. Expert knowledge in composition, Exposures and EI and getting aerial footage that fits the narrative and overall story.

Were CAA approved PfCO holders and every production is insured with Public Liability up to £10 million giving you peace of mind and assurance that each project is taken care of before we even take off.

Airbear Video’s Principle Drone Pilot has worked in Film and Television production for over twenty years and amassed a great deal of technical and creative expertise working with Cameras, Editing and Production.

Having an interest in remote control flying and then Drones, Gavin decided to combine his love of filmmaking and Aerial Photography to start Airbear Video a few years ago with the sole purpose in delivering that same creative eye for Television and Film to Aerial productions.

In only a couple of years Airbear Video has completed Aerial Drone work on several major television series plan to continue the Airbear Video mission in delivering creative Aerial Filmmaking to the best of their ability and beyond.   

Airbear Video are PfCO CAA licensed and insured up to £10 million. 

They offer 3 competitive Drone packages for the Television and Film industry and have the knowledge and expertise to produce Aerial Drone content for Small to large productions in Yorkshire and the UK.

Aerial Drone Packages for most filming budgets

Gavin Boyd


Principle Drone Pilot/Operator

Airbear Video

We currently operate 3 UAV Drones and 3 packages at Airbear Video for Television and Film Production with either a single Pilot/Operator or a 2 man crew for larger productions.