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Norwegian Drone Filming for National Geographic

By far our most technically challenging Drone shoot to date back in March for National Geographic has arrived on Channel 4 now. Following the engineering footsteps of some of the worlds greatest railways, this 6 part series looks at the geographical and technological engineering feats and the people who make it possible. Worlds Greatest Train Journeys from above

DJI Inspire 2 in Winter

We filmed with our DJI Inspire 2 drone along the Bergen to Oslo route in March under some challenging weather conditions where temeratures went as low as -10 degrees in Finse, which is the location for Planet Hoth of Star Wars The Empire Strikes back.Temperature affects batteries on drones under these condition often reducing the time of flight from 25 minutes to under 15 if its cold enough so we had to bring at least 12 on a daily basis. So carrying a large drone with batteries, camera and lenses plus ground station equipment in Snow, Trains and cars was really a logistical task to pull off.

This National Geographic series is currently being shown on Channel 4.



Mavic Mini 2 Drone Filming for TV Series

We’ve just come off the new series of ‘No Place Like Home’ filming aerial Drone shots for Hungry Bear Media in Middlesbrough.

Filming aerial sequences over Middlesbrough in a built up city was going to be a challenge but under the guidance of Middlesbrough council and our knowledge and safety cautious approach to flying drones, we took to the skies with a Mavic Mini 2, which is a Sub 250 gram drone and capable of filming closer to people and property.

No Place Like Home

‘No Place like Home’ for channel 5 sees celebrities re-visiiting places they knew as they grew up and our shoot day for an episode with presenter Chris Kamara would give us the chance to show off Middlesbrough from the air.

George Clarkes Remarkable Renovations: Amazing Productions/Channel 4

Working with Amazing Productions across several sites for George clarkes, Remarkable renovations series on Channel 4.

Television Aerial Filming Credits

We produced content for ground based filming over several months of building work on this popular and successful series and also producing Aerial filming for a couple of episodes of work.

Remarkable Renovations is now available to watch on channel 4 now.

Airbear Video worked with  Daisybeck Studios, producers of The Yorkshire Vet to produce some aerial drone video for their new programme called ‘Today at the Caravan Show‘.

Image of a caravan with Today at the caravan show text

The show captures the heart and soul of the UK’s Caravan, Camping & Motorhome community and delivers a program packed with interesting information and new products coming out as well as anything to do with the great outdoors.

We were asked to film Aerial Drone shots of both a couple driving a motorhome around the UK and also a woman who had never reverse parked a Caravan before.

The show and our contribution is available to watch on My5 now.

Police: Nightshift 999

Working alongside Crackit Productions and Channel 5 last year we created the Aerial Drone filming news for the series Police: Nightshift 999.

The series follows the work of Gloucester and Cheltenham Police forces as they tackle crime on the streets of Gloucester and Cheltenham after dark.

Airbear Video used our DJI Inspire 2 Drone with a Zenmuse X5s Lens camera system to get the night time shots above the city of Gloucester as well as Police Headquarters.

The series starts on Monday 14th February on Channel 5 at 9PM.


A & E After Dark on Channel 5


Here is a recent promo from Crackit Productions on series 2 of A & E After Dark. The series follows the staff and patients during the night shift at Hull Royal Infirmary during 2021. 

We were approached by Crackit to film aerial drone sequences for the series which would enhance the series and put a pin on the map where Hull and the hospital was.

Crackit Productions were very happy with our Aerial Filming at the hospital and the series can be seen now on My5.


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